CCTV (Close Circuit Television) Cameras or security cameras are widely used today for monitoring purposes and security surveillance for minimizing theft and crime prevention.

With ever increasing crime rate, burglaries and theft, the use of these CCTV Cameras in Karachi have also maximized and Magnum Enterprises, as one of the leading security surveillance providers, stand steadfast in providing unmatched Surveillance solution and service for more than 10 years now. CCTV Karachi

Whether you are a large multinational organization, small business owner or just concerned for the security of your home and assets, Magnum Enterprises has solutions to cater everyone needs. For more than a decade now, Magnum Enterprises has served industries, banks, small business owners, shops, schools, hospitals, local authorities and just about everyone who needs video surveillance.

Brand and Services

We at Magnum Enterprises take pride in delivering the best products from Everfocus, and unmatched service to all our clients. We don’t just provide Security Cameras, but complete security equipment solution (DVRs, NVRs software) and after sales service.

At Magnum Enterprises you can be sure of best security solutions, prompt service at incredible cost effective prices, so secure your premises with Magnum Enterprises and Everfocus today!